About the project:

My experience while growing up is that we are not all taught how to properly process our emotions. When unfortunate or unexpected occurrences happen, a lot of us cope by forming unhealthy habits; we binge on things like drugs, sex, aggression, etc. I share my experience in losing my oldest sister, and the things I did to cope with them that weren't my best choices all while trying to rebalance my seven chakras; Beginning at the root and up to the crown. Connecting our physical bodies with our mind and spirit is truly essential for healing and creates a stronger awareness within yourself. When I speak about healing through balancing my chakras, I begin each poem with the unbalanced/unhealed version, then end with a more balance/healed version and each model posed through their chakra's healing yoga poses.

When you lose someone it takes you down memory lane, and all the moments and experiences you shared with that person start to resurface. Some people lose their sense of identity through loss, their confidence, their stability, their compassion; I went through all of those things. You don't have to experience the loss of a loved one to relate to this, it could be any loss as loss is a difficult thing to process in general. Losing someone puts you in an extremely protective space. But this is the reality of life, and we are constantly forced to grow in our most painful times. Through healing, I remembered that this is what I write about. All the things people don’t feel comfortable talking about. Life is less about who I am, and more about the part I play in someone else’s story. Sometimes we have to put our ego and pride aside for the bigger picture. If I can make one person feel understood then that’s worth it. 

A big thank you to my team who helped execute my vision and my models who also shared written pieces on their healing journey while balancing their chakras.

For my sister Mera, who introduced me to music, fashion, and confidence.

Here is Getting Crowned.


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