“And just when I thought I was done writing all my notes to self, her soul leaves her body.
Watching her flesh right into the ground where my roots once grew strong, now cold as ice.
This pain spoken words can’t explain, but my heart aches.
I feel frozen in freezing sinking water and I want to scream, but even freezing cold, this feels too close to hell.
This feels too close to the end of me and everything I have known myself to be.
Strong, resilient, loving; Dear God, where are you sending me?”

I ain’t getting no sleep, I won’t even leave my room to eat.

I’ve been up for 3 days straight, crying with no tears.

Screaming, I hope no one hears.

Hears this look on my face, 


Burning up on the inside from the anger.

Freezing cold on the outside, this is dangerous.

I think I’m going to be sick, I think I’m going to get lit.

Because once upon a time, you gave me security

I didn’t appreciate it then, that was my immaturity.

A safe place to lay my head while the woman who made us sisters was out battling her demons

We were out feening for love.

I seen her flaws instilled in you just like I seen her flaws instilled in me

But I saw her beauty in you too, just like the kind of beauty you saw in me

Cause' we were all good at the core before we became rotten, 

from all the toxins floating in the air and floating in our bodies.

Your resting place is getting dug up and now the rest of our childhood is getting dug up somehow.

And resurfacing, and now it’s time, time to hurt again.

Now I’m remembering.

Everything we went through as siblings and the environments that we lived in.

And all of the losing situations that we had to force our wins in.

I told you the last time we spoke about this, that something like this would ruin me.

And now look at me, ruining,

Everything I ever loved, pretending to be okay, it’s grueling.

All of the toxic energy that lay dormant inside me is now spoiling.

So deeply rooted but it’s all coming to surface.

Right up out of the ground while they're lowering you in.

I don’t want to grow from this.

But it’s time to grow again.

Letting doves fly, hoping they send you a message.

My sister. I miss you. And I’ll never forget you.


Mag Mercado

Alexis Victoria Darko


All of the most beautiful trees around the world all have something in common: their roots go deep. The part that no one sees, the part that is formed in the dark; this is the part that is most crucial for the growth process. Like trees, the deeper we allow our roots to grow, the more we will flourish and be able to withstand the storms of life. The root chakra focuses on safety, stability, and security. The art of feeling at ease and in alignment. The beauty of being able to rest and know what was created for you; your health, your wealth, your desire for good pleasure - can never be destroyed or taken from you. When your roots are nourished you don’t search for outside stimulation, you feed yourself with good things trusting that good is always on its way and alive in you. So instead of fearing the unknown, you embrace feeling grounded and at peace with who you are and the road you are on. You are worthy of love, passion, and fulfilled desires. You were created for joy, with purpose and you are filled with fire. The fire in your soul is hot enough to burn away all of your past mistakes, while being controlled enough to light a new path for you to take. Whisper to yourself: I am safe, I am secure, I am stable and I will see all of my hearts pure desires. I am healed, I am whole, and I trust that this body of mine is a harmonious home. To be deeply rooted is to know, no matter what comes or goes, there is always peace in this place I call home.


Alexis Victoria Darko

IG: @goddessalexisv