Hi, I am Mag Mercado.

Shooting women came natural to me when I was studying Photography in college because I've alway found women to be extremely interesting subjects. Being raised by all strong women, I would often watch them in the way they carried themselves, the way they wore their confidence, the music they listened to, how they wore their hair and how they spoke about life. I found that women have a tendency to hold a lot of their real selves in. When I'm directing a shoot, my main goal is to allow the ladies an opportunity to feel okay with being who they are. I want women to feel the confidence that my sisters taught me, to embrace their freedom of speech the way my mom taught me, and to really embrace their feminine energy, all things that I teach my daughter.

“The past year has taught me that we really don't have as much time as we think we have, so whatever you want to do, do it now. Whether it's your first boudoir shoot or you are getting your model portfolio together, take the pic, do the photoshoot because memories and photographic art is really one of the few things in life that can last forever.”

I'm always looking to network, have deep conversations and learn a woman's story. I find it so uplifting and inspiring to hear how so many of us find a way to keep pushing and keep improving. It's refreshing when I meet women who aren't scared to share their ground zero moments; There is something so appealing about a person who can dig their way from the bottom to the top and so I learn a lot from the women I shoot.