Life has re-routed and re-directed me

Into confusion, into uncertainty.

I use to be so sure, now I'm not sure of anything.

If we are all here to die, what is the point?

We lose everything we have, it's disappointing.

I use to find the beauty in little things and now those little things just annoy me.

I use to wake up with big ideas, now I just wake up wondering why.

What are we here to do? Are we just passing time?

Is time real? Is life real?

Is anything we do, worth the fight still?

If no one goes and comes back to tell us,

How do we know where we go or where all this has lead us?

I don't have the answers, but what I do know

Is life works out the same, wherever you go

It's patterns on patterns on patterns, and cause and effect

Of one decision made that will effect the next

It's all intertwined, all in one vision.

With an energy source leading you, so trust your intuition.

Scared to death, I closed my eyes to avoid what I saw coming.

With wisdom comes a great responsibility, so I keep running.

But you are much faster than I,

So you reached me to tell me, "Open your eyes. The ability to see things before seeing is a gift, do not walk this life blind."

Maggie Gabbard


Harmonious and spiritual 

We all bleed the same

But indigo’s a color 

So bold and pure as rain

Seek out against deception

As your eyes may tell you lies

But the third eye in the middle 

Holds the truth without disguise 

Find it in your heart

What lies within, sets you apart 

Close your eyes and drift into the universe’s art 


Maggie Gabbard