The last time I saw you, you were beautiful, but you were broken.

So I filled your cup with poison that you could bask in and soak in.

Make you forget your pain is all that I was hoping.

Not realizing, not knowing, that I was killing you, my old friend.

The doctor says to take it easy

That I am easily headed for destruction, so slow down and focus on breathing.

He asks me what I've been eating

He asks me what Ive been drinking

He asked me what my past year looked like,

I never tell him what I am thinking.

He diagnosed me: Irregular heart beating.

So I took some time away and I separated myself.

Putting that poison back on the shelf.

Been reading more, been loving more.

It’s been 541 days. 

12984 hours.

I felt happy again today for the first time.

How I've missed this feeling of appreciating life.

Laughed today and not to cover up the crying.

Tears of joy let me know I am going to be okay, I'm going to be alright.

Michaela Carr

Model: Heart Chakra

IG: @michaela_carr


What is it to you?

That feeling when you’re driving and all the sudden you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, you notice the true beauty in your routine route to or from work. You start to notice that the colors of the leaves are more vibrant, and the sun is shining in such a way you feel your eyes glistening. That feeling when you are finally asked how YOU are feeling from a friend. That feeling when you finally notice that the universe is working for you, not against. 

The Heart Chakra to me, is the purest form of expression, passion, and love. 

In my life, there are many ways that I have felt most connected, most in tune with my heart chakra. The first being strongest when I am in nature. There is something so calming yet so energizing about sitting with your thoughts in nature. With not a single human to talk to yet everything seems to be pouring out, the raw emotions that only the trees and sky get to see. To me, nature is where I meditate, where I connect with the Earth and explore my passions while finding inspiration. Growing up, I have always felt connected with nature, always running around barefoot outside (no matter the season). I always felt a sense of belonging when I was laying in the grass looking up at the clouds passing or a sense of comfort and hope when I was laying on the cold sand watching shooting stars while listening to waves crash upon the shore. As I paint this picture, I want you to try and recall a time when you felt something so strongly, so deeply, and understand that this comes from the heart. The heart anatomically, assists with pumping blood through your body to make sure that there is enough oxygen to every part of you. No matter what you may think, your body will always be fighting for you to keep going. Any time you feel so low that you can’t keep going, so hurt that you feel like there is simply nothing you have left to fight for, take a moment and put your hand over your heart and just FEEL. Feel every little “lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub” and know that is your sign to keep going for YOU, because YOU are worthy. 

The heart chakra is about love. Love for life and love for each other. The connections and relationships made in life are so genuine and pure. It can be very easy to take people for granted. We become so used to people being in our everyday routines that we may treat them as such, a routine. But in all honesty, they are the most beautiful and genuine connections that we get to experience in this world. The heart chakra is our way of expressing feelings of gratitude and compassion, not only for others, but for ourselves as well. It has been a long journey for me when it comes to self-love and overcoming insecurities. There have been very low parts in my life but one of the best concepts I have ever learned was to be nothing but your raw, messy, energetic, sappy, beautiful self because the only time we have is now. This will sound quite cliché, but the past is gone, and the future is never promised. We can put on this front for everyone around us and just exist or we can live honestly. Once you notice that its okay to trust what the universe has planned for you, you will notice a weight lifted from your chest. You no longer have to worry because you can trust in yourself, your intuition, and most importantly, you can let things happen instead of forcing them. 


Michaela Carr