You’ve left me disconnected 

I don’t know where I’m headed

I am confused and feel abandoned

You have left me here stranded

Without guidance and no direction

Learning lesson after lesson

And I’ve been trying and I’ve been praying

Spending more of my days meditating 

I don't need the poison, I just need some saving

Connection to my higher being is what I’m craving, 

So don’t leave me now God is all I’m saying.

19 months of drowning and then you jump in to save me.

Swimming me back to safety, I realize,

Still water is pretty, but it's even prettier when the wind blows.

That's when you see the beauty in the ripples.

That's when the waves lead you back to shore

This is you, I am sure.

I have a little girl looking at me how I used to look at you.

And she’s watching my every move like how I use to do to you.

And you have children who I hope will someday look up to me too.

If they did, they’d see a piece of their mother in me and everything she taught me how to do.

I know your energy is floating around and in me

Because you are a piece of God, like me, and we are all energy.

Maybe I just wrote all this to process all my pain

Or maybe it’s just a bunch of words I put together for the next person going through the same

Either way, my sister, I miss you and I’ll never forget you

But I know God's got me, and I know he's got you.



Mag Mercado 

A Tribute to Family

One of the things I loved about my sister is she spent a lot of time hyping up the younger girls in the family, filling them with confidence; She was really good at that. I actually never knew that females were so big on competing with each other until I was older because I didn't learn that growing up. My sisters and family always showed me love and hyped me up. Being a part of the next generation and teaching them that they are really unlimited and can make anything happen is really important to me. As we grow in life, we realize that the impact we can make on someone's life is unmatchable, especially the youth. My sister left me with the ability to inspire because at a young age she taught me that. Late nights working a 9-5 and still making it to go sing in the studio while being a mom, she was really THAT GIRL. Life happens and as humans we get so distracted that we forget our true powers and what we are capable of. Don't let that be you, use your time here and really spread your gifts no matter what happens, people need it.

With much love,