Stomach hurt.

Heart hurt.

The poison burns, but the burn pauses the pain that’s really burning me up.

Making me angry, I am hopeless.

And I hope no one notices.

I am in distress.

The only time it killed me to shop for a dress.

A dress all in white so we can lay you to rest.

If I could take a shot for every time I cried about it today, I would probably be dead.

And if you saw me laughing today then that’s a double shot, probably took it straight to the head.

Laughing to cope with what's happening inside me.

It's a spiritual battle.

It's my spirit vs. my ego.

Fighting with myself, I don't want to let you go.

My ego keeps telling me you're mine and you belong to me.

Spirit telling me you’re fine and I don’t own a thing.

My confidence spread thin.

This is a lose/lose situation

There is no way to win.

You know I don't like to lose

You know if I could choose

I'd break all the rules

Just to see you.

Then, just as I fall to sleep

You visit me in my dream.

To tell me that you are happy

And that I need not to worry.

And that the things I dreamt of before are all going to happen,

But what he has planned for me is so much more than I could even imagine.

Then I wake with a sense of hopefulness, I have to push through and refocus.

I cannot stay here in this dark place, I have to go from this.

Looking at a photo of you wearing my hat, reminds me, I have to grow thru it.


IG: @ww.brie


IG: @ww.brie



Solar plexus is all about being in your power with confidence, grace, and humility. Embracing your inner power means letting go of all that's no longer serving you. 2022 has felt like back to back lows for me and through prayer and meditation I’ve manifested a security within myself that I’ve never felt before and I am so grateful for this journey, no matter what happens I know I’m good because I’ve let go of the negativity and decided to see the beauty in every high and low and that to me is power!