It's like I'm speechless.

Feels like I never said the right thing.

Feels like I never said enough.

Or like sometimes I said too much.

I just wanted you to feel loved.

You poured all of your confidence into me and it left you with none.

And you'd never tell your truth because you had to be strong.

But just like you, I grew to be strong too.

And keeping parts of me hidden so that no one would ask me what's wrong.

You know we hate talking about what's wrong

because we had been trying to make it right for so long.

Steadily taking care of everyone else and their needs.

Disregarding ourselves, trying to people please.

It's like we had a silent understanding.

Crazy how I'll never hear you speak again or ever hear you sing again,

A voice so pretty, but nothing left to say.

Still, I can hear you saying to me:

You better say what you need to say while you are still here

because you don't know who is listening, you don't know who needs to hear it.


Mag Mercado



IG: @phillyfitbabe

Most of my life I’ve been in abusive relationships (mentally, emotionally + physically) and ones that were super toxic at a young age. I basically grew up learning how to close off my feelings and emotions (which definitely affected my relationships with people in general). After walking away from my last relationship, I learned a lot about myself. Likes, dislikes, the energy I surround myself with, and that having a voice is a powerful gift that we’ve been blessed with.