It's been seven whole years since I left Delaware for Philadelphia to chase after my photography career. I am not where I expected to be. So much life has happened to me these last seven years. So many things that I've had to face in order to continue in my purpose, things that I didn't want to deal with. I've fought so hard trying to be satisfied with a great paying job and a fancy place to live but I've finally accepted that my soul craves much more than that. I tried fighting against the gifts and talents that were instilled in me because I told myself those things would never be able to afford the kind of life I want to live. I lied to myself first - I didn't want to be a photographer, I didn't want to be a writer. Those were just things that were hobbies, just things I like to do but not a source of overflowing income or fulfillment that's what I would tell myself. Ladies, hear me when I say that I AM ONLY A PHOTOGRAPHER, I AM ONLY A WRITER. I am only who I am and I can't be anyone else. This is who I am forever and there is no fighting that. 

You are here because you are like me. You are craving something special, something that has always been inside you. Maybe you've started but feel stuck or maybe you want to improve it or maybe you just don't know where to start. I know the feeling and it burns and it will keep burning until it sets off a fire in you and leaves you with no choice but to run towards it. It's-not-going-anywhere. That feeling is going to hunt you until you give up the fight and give into what you were put on this earth to do. This blog is going to be like walking in our journeys together. I'm going to share every story and experience that's going to help you grow and I would love it if you would share your story with me because I always am excited to grow from you. 

I'd love to hear from you! So if you find yourself saying I really want to get involved or share this with Mag or suggest something or maybe you need advice, click the "Contact" button on the site menu above to we can link up together. 

I promise to keep you inspired and watering you with what I've learned these past seven years and more. I'll share helpful tips and even my downfalls because we all go through it and the important thing is to learn from it and to keep moving. We will laugh, scream, encourage and sometimes we may even cry here but we will get you closer to to bringing out those gifts inside of you. I've officially friended you for life lol so hit the "Subscribe" button so we can stay connected and let's make these next seven years the best ones we've lived yet.

Love, Mag