"Following your goals will always lead to new obstacles that will discourage you or make you want to stop, and I am here to tell you KEEP MOVING..."

For the past few months I’ve been talking about #goals but the bigger your goals the bigger your obstacles and the more you have to keep pushing forward. Following your goals will always lead to new obstacles that will discourage you or make you want to stop, and I am here to tell you to KEEP MOVING because that feeling of discouragement always comes before any big change that will essentially improve your life.

When I was 8 years old we lived in a garage. I’m not embarrassed to say it because I was there and I didn’t stay there. There was a portable stove burner where we cooked our dinner, so we ate and a huge bed for the whole family, so we slept. What was I going to do about it at 8 years old? I kept my focus in school, which is something I performed well at and that’s all I could control. What is something you’re good at? Focus. If that’s the only thing you do for a month or a year that’s okay, it will get you through. Make it work with what you have and what you can control. Sometimes things get so real in life that it’s almost unreal but you have to push hard it doesn’t matter how heavy the struggle. This is the power of movement and the only movement I had at 8 years old was education but at least something was in motion towards the future.

When I was 9 years old we moved to the projects but I wasn’t mad about that. We weren’t in one big room anymore, so I couldn’t complain. Some years we celebrated Christmas with recycled gifts but not having much sparked my creativity to make something out of nothing. Movement. Some days, I walked to school and men would beat women on the streets and people were strung out talking about the past. At the end of almost every night there was alcohol and festivities in remembrance to ones that lost their lives. At 9 years old my movement was learning gratitude and observing the people around me which helped me grow the determination to be better than what I was yesterday and what surrounded me. Never use your environment as an excuse instead use it as a tool to grow and learn. You have the upper hand because you've seen rock bottom now start walking.

We as humans constantly feel the need to accomplish things or have things and sometimes we find that when we get those things or when we don't we become stuck and still, or we lose motivation but there’s no finish line, there's no race. That makes us angry, why? Since the moment we are born we are taught that life is a race that needs to be done in a timely manner, or we will lose but real life will teach you that you don’t go through life and run into a red ribbon and then stop racing. Life is constant and you are in constant motion so which way are you going? What have you done lately?

At 12 years old we moved to a house. The fridge had no food, the basement was suspicious and I saw my mother way less. The emptiest house on the block but I grew a bond with my sister that I would never be able to replace, so I never complained just kept it moving because we made it work with what we had, and I was happy with that. If you can still smile when you have nothing then imagine what you can do with everything... Everything in life is temporary so stop thinking that what has happened to you will be long term when life itself is very short term. At 12 years old my movement was becoming more independent and building friendships. So I had nothing but many things that would help me in the future.

Here are a few things you can do to move yourself:

1. Find something you enjoy, do more of it. This will inspire you to do more in life.

2. Read because every secret about life is in a book.

3. Exercise, literally get your body up and move, it helps relieve stress, helps you think better and helps your heart. When your physical body is healthier so is your mentality.

4. Say no to someone for once in your life, you are not here to please people so if it's not an emergency don't do it if it will not make you happy.

5. Help if you want to. If it makes you feel good then help somewhere or someone. This will move you like you would not believe.

6. Study and research things that interest you. Keep that brain in motion and that mind wondering.

7. Enjoy a night out, just do it!

8. Enjoy a night in and really enjoy some time to yourself or invite friends over.

9. Start a healthy habit like working out, saving money, meal prepping, washing your car or even a kids night with all the kids.

10. Start a journal to remind yourself of the things you are thankful for or things you want to work on.

When your life seems like it's going nowhere these things will help push through until your next accomplishment. Stay consistent and stay happy.

At 17 years old I laid in the hospital looking at the tiny girl who would forever change my life. Movement. Motherhood was and is the most mind opening learning experience I have ever experienced. I have never been challenged at anything more then raising another person. There were many times when I would think I wasn’t good for the part but when I see how much progress and influence I have made in my daughter’s life it’s mind-blowing and very humbling. What is something that is standing in your way in your life today? Fear? Finances? Toxic relationships? There is nothing you can’t handle. The only one in the way of you is you.

Many people will try and tell you your potential or think they know where you are going, but they don’t always know where they are even going so whom will you trust more? Would you take directions from someone that is lost themselves? Never be scared to be wrong or take a leap of faith, anything you come across will teach you to be better. I will always be moving forward with new goals until I die, that’s living. If I can do it you can too. Stay in motion and don’t give up because you are the power behind your movement.

On January 17th, 2017, at 25 years old, I pulled out of my garage. A place where I use to lay my head and share secrets with my brother and sisters is now just somewhere I park my car at night and that is the power of movement. Nothing can stop me but me. I am moving. We don't always move fast, but we are always moving. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to reroute. Sometimes we go the wrong way and then end up back where we started. But we never stay stuck in one spot, always learning and progressing. That's the power of movement. Stay in the driver seat of your life, stay moving. The one thing that motivates me is movement and when I run out of gas, I get out and walk. Life is challenging full of unknown measures. Even so, keep moving.